We hold socialisation classes every day for all our dogs both boarding and crèche. We assess all the dogs temperaments before and during group play sessions and organize accordingly. We find it best to introduce dogs to their future pals gradually and not to put them in with a group straight away as this can distress them. This makes for a much happier play time for all the doggies. 
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In the socialisation classes, we play fetch, tug-o-war, chasing etc. If your dog is not a great mixer, we will introduce him/her very carefully to the other dogs. Usually with non sociable dogs, it is best to keep them with a calm and relaxed dog first so they do not get overwhelmed. Socialisation classes are always supervised by a staff member and are recorded by our CCTV cameras. 

It is best to socialise your dog at a young age. The younger you socialise them, the less likely it is that they will develop socialising and aggression problems in the future. If you have an aggressive, shy or unsociable dog, get in touch with us as we find that our regime is the perfect way to rectify such issues. 

With the perfect mix of human and dog contact, our socialisation classes are the perfect way to improve your dogs socialisation skills. Contact us now to start your dogs path to becoming the newest socialite!