We here at Hilton 5 Star are delighted to announce our new Dog Training Service!

Over the years, customers have often asked us if we train dogs. Whether it be puppy training, obedience training, aggression management or dealing with separation anxiety issues, training your dog can be a difficult and tedious task. So, we've now decided to direct our years of experience with dogs to training!

We've dealt with dogs all our lives. As we work with dogs every day, we know how they work. We know how to rectify and spot certain issues that an owner might not - we're not special, it's just experience!

We use a positive reinforcement approach, reward and treat based. Our theory is that both the dog and the trainer should enjoy the training process. Scare mongering and physical correction should not play a part in the training of your dog. You want your dog to respect you, not fear you!

Having succussfully trained our own dogs over the years, including Boxers, Great Danes, Greyhounds and Miniature Schnauzer's, as well as dealing with all our boarding dogs, we have a wealth of training knowledge and experience to help you and your dog reach your goals. 

A detailed training plan and what you want to achieve from training will be discussed upon booking. We want to achieve the best results possible so this is why we keep classes to a maximum of 2 dogs. Everything is one on one. House calls are also available as well as individual training sessions. 

Call 0877637241 or email hilton5star@gmail.com for more information!