All owners must supply own dog food. There is no need to bring bowls as we supply them

Each dog is individually cared for in secure individual kennels (at the request of owners) Dogs from the same household can be accommodated together.

During the day, if not being exercised, then the dogs are housed in large covered runs (at the request of owner, Your dog can be kept in a separate run)   which allows the dogs to play with other dogs and to express their normal behavioral patterns. Socialization classes take place between 3-5 pm for all dogs boarding/crechè. (Optional)

Throughout the day, we let small amount of dogs out at a time into our large exercise run.

At night each dog is brought inside into their individual sleeping quarters. You can also supply your own sleeping basket/bed if preferred.

This regime ensures the dogs have maximum interaction with staff members.

We have 24h C.C.T.V in operation monitoring the kennels and all the premises

All kennels and exercise runs are cleaned daily. 

All kennels have background music playing 24/7

All kennels and runs are disinfected when a dog is discharged from the kennels.

All floors are painted with specially approved paint for boarding kennels and newspapers are placed on kennel floors to improve hygiene purposes.