Here at Hilton 5 Star, we offer a state of the art Luxury Home Boarding service, we have a daily creche for dogs Monday - Friday, we offer a new Airport Chauffeur Service and we also offer a Dog Chauffeur service for those who cannot leave their dogs to the kennels. Information on any of these can be found in the corresponding menus.

Your dog is our priority. Dogs are smart, inquisitive, curious and playful so fencing or enclosing them up all day is not what we do here. We believe that dogs should have the freedom to explore and express their normal behavioral patterns so that is why here we never pen dogs up all day. They have the freedom of large, spacious runs. They can interact and play with each other with the flexibility to move around instead of being stuck in a kennel all day. 

Our aim is to make sure that your dog feels he/she is on holiday too, so they are in top condition when you return from your trip!

How Dog Owners can reduce the stress for their pets:

  • Allow plenty of time to deliver your dog to us so you are not in a last minute panic and pushed for time. Otherwise, your stress will be communicated to your dog and it is better if he leaves you when you are relaxed and happy.
  • Take a written or typed list of your dog’s ailments, medications, food intake, neutered etc. and other special requirements you think will help us care for your dog.
  • Take A COPY of your dog’s up-to-date vaccination certificate, vets name, address and contact details.
  • Take a supply of your dog’s normal food sufficient for the stay in a plastic, sealable bags along with a blanket 
  • When you leave, try to be jolly and matter of fact, rather than consoling, so your dog thinks there is nothing to worry about.
  • If you wish to avail of our Dog Washing , Chauffeur or In-Home Boarding service, just check the option on the booking form when you are filling it out


  • We have 24h C.C.T.V monitoring the premises.
  • All areas and exercise runs are cleaned daily.
  • All sleeping quarters have classical background music playing 24/7.
  • All sleeping quarters and runs are disinfected when a dog is discharged.
  • All sleeping quarters are painted with specially approved paint for boarding              kennels.
  • Newspapers are placed on sleeping quarter floors to improve hygiene purposes.